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Engagement Info

July 29, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

Wedding Info

June 14, 2014
Schramm Memorial Chapel
Glenview, IL

Elkhart, IN


Elkhart, IN


Mason and Elementary Aid


Dundee, IL


Batavia, IL


Doctor and Seamstress


Jess's Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Alexander

Darcy's Parents

Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Link


Jess Alexander and Darcy Link

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How We Met

In December 2012, Darcy was introduced to Jess by her cousin Hannah and her boyfriend (Jess' best friend), Stephen via text message. They emailed back and forth for the first month they knew each other, and then in late January 2013 decided to meet for the first time.

Our Engagement Story

(As written by Darcy:)

While I was excitedly awaiting Jess' arrival to come visit me here in Ann Arbor, little did I know that he was anxiously on his way with an important question on his mind...
Before arriving, he called saying that he had recently gotten an email from a psychology class that he'd by taking in the fall. He explained that he needed to watch a YouTube video with one other person while videoing both himself and the other person watching it. He asked if I could be that other person to watch with him and if he could get it out of the way once he got to Ann Arbor so that he wouldn’t have to worry about it in the future. I, of course, agreed.
About ten minutes later, Jess arrived and almost immediately asked for my computer so he could set up the camera and the YouTube video. After setting up the camera he asked for a drink saying that he was feeling thirsty. I happily got up and went to get him some water, but before I could come back out of the kitchen, he changed his mind and asked for something else. I gladly went to pour some almond milk and before I could even get out from the kitchen again, he asked for something to eat. I went to go look for something to bring to him when he finally said, “Hey Darc, I don’t need anything anymore, you can come here”. I still decided to grab his almond milk and finally walked out of the kitchen to find my cousin Hannah’s face on the TV. I knew right away that this was going to lead to his proposal. I sat down and began watching a video filled with family and friends reading some of the emails Jess and I had written to each other when we first started talking. Familiar faces kept appearing on the screen one after another and each one was filled with a wonderful little message. After the video ended, Jess got down on his knee and reached for the ring in his backpack and opened up the box to reveal the perfect ring for me and asked, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Yes!Yes!”
If you watch or have already watched the video, you can see that I was very excited.

About the Ring

Jess selected the ring on his own! After worrying about getting everything right, he went to Google for answers. He typed in all the aspects of the ring that Darcy wanted, and the first ring that came up he knew was the one. The ring is a rose gold single-diamond ring.

Our First Date

We met in Kalamazoo for a lunch date in January 2013. The lunch date turned into a full day filled with theaters, dead car batteries, meeting family members, playing music and more.

Our Favorite Date Night

We love having conversation and pizza at NY Pizza Depot in Ann Arbor. We also love any opportunity to see live theatre!

Our Shared Interests

We are both actors on our way to a life in New York City! We recently had the opportunity to perform onstage side by side, and hope to do it again someday. We love cooking, traveling, and singing along to many, many Broadway musical recordings!

Our Relationship in Three Words

Jesus, Broadway, ND vs. Michigan

The Part of the Wedding We're Most Excited About

Jess is really excited about the garter toss, and Darcy is excited about the dress. They are both excited about the food and dancing!