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Engagement Info

October 3, 2013
Madison, Indiana

Wedding Info

November 1, 2014
Park Edelweiss
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Nappanee, Indiana


Fort Wayne, Indiana


Social Worker


Berne, Indiana


Fort Wayne, Indiana


Professor of English


Kierstin 's Parents

Jody and Michele Schalliol

Michael 's Parents

Grant and Diana Kellermeyer

Kierstin Schalliol and Michael Kellermeyer

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How We Met

They met during college, while they were both attending Anderson University. It was Michael's senior year and Kierstin's sophomore year. They were introduced accidentally through Michael's roommate and initially did not pay much attention to each other. Kierstin at first thought Michael was stuffy and quiet, and Michael at first thought Kierstin was loud and spirited. Through minimal contact with each other for two years, they stayed aware of each other until they reconnected in the summer of 2011. A relationship began that fall, and the rest is history.

Our Engagement Story

Michael surprised Kierstin as she came home late from work one night. He had all of the candles in the apartment flickering and a jack-o-lantern carved with words of love (one of the first dates was pumpkin carving). Music was playing and Michael got down on one knee and read Kierstin something he had written on the last pages of the book he had asked her to be his girlfriend with and then chronicled their first year as a couple. He pulled out the most perfect ring, and she of course said yes. He managed to completely surprise her and make it perfectly them.

About the Ring

The ring is a vintage 1910 to 1920 British design. Dating to the Edwardian period, it features an asymmetrical design. Set in the middle is an old mine cut diamond with 10 old single cut diamonds forming a swirl around it. The edges are scalloped, dipping in between each diamond. The diamonds are graduated, getting smaller toward the shoulders and the design flows into the shank of the ring. It's 18 carat yellow gold with a platinum top.

Our Shared Interests

Exploring antique shops; trying out new places to eat (preferably local, family-owned type shops); watching Frasier; listening to Cole Porter and other 20s-era jazz; visiting bookstores and libraries of all sizes.

The Part of the Wedding We're Most Excited About

Being able to celebrate the relationship with friends and family who have helped us grow individually and as a couple. We are really excited to have all of our closest friends and family in one place. That's what will make it so memorable and fun.

Additional Details

It's a literary/book themed wedding. The bride will carry a bouquet of flowers made of book pages and many other literary touches to capitalize on the couple's shared love of books.
For more details, the couple has a website: http://www.mywedding.com/thekellermeyers/